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♥ Passions ♥

You are the fire burning inside of me; you are my passion for life.

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The Original Passions Community
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Passions (Soap Opera)
Welcome to Harmony, a picturesque New England town that hides its secrets and mysteries behind church steeples, picket fences, and manicured lawns. However, beyond the facade of this charming harbor town, the lives and loves of four core families are constantly bursting with all kinds of passion!!!

Thank you for visiting the ORIGINAL Passions community!
It is the first & largest Passions community on LiveJournal!
For that reason, please keep the following in mind!


This is a public community with over 900 members! Everyone here is entitled and welcomed to share their opinions. For this reason, please refrain from removing the comment feature from your post. (If you're worried about being flooded with e-mails, simply check the "don't e-mail comments" option!) Feel free to comment and debate, but do so with tact! All members should be respectful of other people's posts. Do not "flame" someone just because you disagree with something they've said. Anyone who is caught purposely trying to instigate a fight will be removed from this community and banned from posting/commenting. Inappropriate and/or non-related posts will be deleted (that goes for advertising other communities). To help save on "friends' page" space, please check recent entries before posting to see if a similar topic has already been started. If you find a similar entry, please post your comments there! For easier reference, all posts should be appropriately subject'd! And finally, be sure to put all spoilers behind an LJ Cut.

RECAPS: Unfortunately, the community passions_guide is resting in peace. For recaps, please visit NBC's website for recaps

ICONS: There is a great community for sharing all your lovely Passions icons, please make use of it:) passions_icons

-shaigirl (mod) & nyterhaven (co-mod)

Plus, many thanks to spleckaann & witchesburning for donating a paid account!!!

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