noneofyourbusiness (yumcheesy) wrote in passions,

Passionate Days

Ok... so I'm supposed to believe Luis is chillin' with Sami and Ethan is the new Brady? What next- maybe Theresa will show up as Billy?

Hey, it's not that I'm ungrateful- I just want Days to have more SHIRTLESS MEN SCENES like Passions did!! <3 Pleeeeeese!!! :-D
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I found it really hard to picture Luis aas Brady...just didn't fit properly.
ethan is brady, not luis
Haha. Sorry, I was thinking about Luis when I wrote this, I meant Ethan as Brady haha. Now I feel blonde :P
haha that's ok

is it just me or did it look like Eric was wearing makeup???
Yes they had way to much eyeliner on looked bad!
It did lol
word is sheridan is going to be on AMC, i don't know when but i just heard the news earlier this week, so it won't be for a while.